I am an Animation Director and Designer ◈ NYC

Nathaniel Milton has spent a lifetime trying to convey the stories that he was born with through moving pictures. His animations, which are at turns ethereal and poetic and then scientific and biographical, bring the intangible into focus. His work lives in the high realms of magical strangeness, blurring the lines of what is possible when we remember that everything is magical. Working through his own dance with mental illness, Nate gives us Eli, a portrait of the depth, beauty and incomprehensible vastness of the human mind. Nate’s work makes the heart feel soft, gives shape to dreams and whispers on that small feeling we all carry somewhere which tells us that nothing is as it appears.

Nate is an Animation Director and Designer who grew up in Cumberland, RI and attended SVA. He currently resides in Brooklyn. He has created and produced an Animated Series for Facebook Watch. Four of his short films have become Vimeo Staff Picks. He's also directed work for HBO, Adult Swim and NPR. 

email: NathanielMilton [a] gmail.com